Facility Ready For Production

Facility Opened November 2016 to process product

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large and stable supply of source product through waste sand and mine sand

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Patented Cleaning Process

Patented Process to provide high quality silica sand to the market

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About NovaEarth inc.

NovaEarth was founded to address key industry challenges. Liability associated with oily sands during production and the domestic sand supply deficit in Western Canada. Our company processes a waste product and turns this into a resource. We are the leaders in innovative sand supply and oily sand recycling. Through our process we are reducing the liability associated with landfilling oily sands and providing a high quality Frac sand to producers to allow them to continue to produce our oil and gas resources in a sustainable way. With patented technology, a belief that oil and gas production is environmentally responsible and particular approaches to solving problems with solutions.
NovaEarth stands out from conventional waste managers and silica sand suppliers.

Our Mission

To proved alternative solutions for Frac Sand supply.
To address industry challenges with solutions, to be service approached Frac sand supplier.
To Provide Innovative Silica Sand Products While Providing Solutions to Oil and Gas Liability challenges.

Looking to invest in the future of sand?

The Advantages of NovaEarth inc.

- Logistically located within the western Canadian sedimentary basin
- Product available at multiple transloads close to active resource plays
- Available direct to wellhead service
- An environmentally friendly product and approach

Environmentally Friendly Process

Our process is supported by the regulators, oil and gas companies, as we recycle a certain portion of our products to help oil and gas producers reduce their liability and in turn give the producers a high quality useable product for use in their future operations. Waste to Resource.

Our Services

Waste into Resource
We take a current oily waste sand product, process it through our facility and produce 3 products:

Water, Oil and Silica Sand

Industrial Sand

Innovative sand supplier providing high quality Frac Sand, Flour Silica & other industrial sands. All meeting API specs.

Strategically located supply
Sand supplies strategically located close to oil and gas plays, for quick and convenient pick up